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swAD_185 = make_green_of_plants_o_make_to_flourish_of_person_o__office_o__be_successful

swD_2859 = hand_over_o__pass_on_o__assign_office_etc

wADw_3716 = green_eye___paint

wADw_8543 = green_eye_paint

wAD_4153 = papyrus_plant

wdHw_612 = offering_table

wDt_3373 = command_decree_noun

wD_4901 = command_o__decree

wD_6187 = command_o__decree_o__enjoin_instruction

wD_6238 = see_other_entries_under_wD_command_etc

wD_8160 = allot_o__commit_o__entrust

wD_9835 = command_o__decree_o__dispatch_o__precept