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abewer = breakfast

brg_7934 = be_prosperous

imy_r_iaw_r_n_nsw_2237 = Overseer_of_the_Royal_breakfast

iSS_1391 = sputum_from_coughing

iSS_5124 = to_spit_forth_o__to_cough_up

iS_7499 = saliva

mewytr = spittle

nSf_5515 = snake_fangs

nSnS_6984 = to_spit_o__to_vomit

nSnS_8710 = spit_o__vomit

nXX_9184 = spittle_o__saliva

nX_7486 = fluid_o__saliva

psg_666 = spit_on_o__spit_at

stp_2687 = spittle_o__sperm_em

tp_6137 = to_vomit_o__spit