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DAdw_7697 = audience_hall_o__summer_palace_o__kiosk_o__pavillion

DAdw_7793 = audience_hall

gereh = night

hAyt_7342 = entrance_portal_o__portico

Hrtib_1195 = central_hall_of_temple

ixt_xAwy_9613 = evening_sacrifice_o__holy_communion

sebxet = portal

sxA_1465 = unknown____qiejsbdk

wAxy_4243 = columned_forecourt_o__columned_hall

wAxy_5825 = columned_forecourt

xAwy_7635 = evening_o__night

xA_4181 = office_o__bureau_o__hall

xA_4531 = office_o__bureau