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iwni_7127 = Hermonthis

semat = fine

semaw = Upper_Egypt

semay = singer

Smawt_3164 = chants

SmAw_9708 = Upper_Egypt_o__Upper_Egyptian

Sma_2546 = Upper_Egyptian_barley

Sma_2678 = a_bovine

Sma_7295 = make_music

Sma_894 = nestle_o__snuggle

Sma_945 = make_music_o__sing

usmaw = musician

wr_mdw_Smaw_8009 = magnate_of_the_Tens_of_Upper_Egypt

wr_mD_Smaw_2062 = Magnate_of_the_Ten_of_Upper_Egypt

xnwt_6710 = female_musician