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kAt_6213 = a_fruit

maal = guide

maapy = direct

maapyru = directs

maat = right

mAa_4219 = true_o__right_o__just_o__fair_o__correct_o__innocent_legal_term

mAa_4404 = lead_o__guide_o__direct_o__send_o__dispatch_o__throw_out_o__offer

mAa_5064 = the_temple_of_head

mAa_7156 = lead_o__guide_o__direct_o__send_o__dispatch_o__throw_out_rope_from_ship_o__extend_o__offer

mAa_773 = lead_o__guide_o__direct_o__send_o__dispatch_o__throw_out_o__steer_o__extend_o__paddle_o__set_out

mAa_8934 = steer_o__extend_o__paddle_o__set_out

mAa_9902 = present_o__offer_o__make_presentation_to_o__to_sacrifice

mAa_xrw_1909 = deceased_o__justified_o__vindicated

mAi_5540 = lion_o__lion_shaped_jewellery

sepet = shore