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eseli = carpentry

isp_4803 = hew_o__cut

mDH_2283 = hewer_of_stone_o__carpenter

mDH_5815 = hew_timber_o__build_ships

mDH_or_mDHw_9487 = Hewer_of_stone_o__Carpenter_o__Shipwright

mibet = axe

nDr_9913 = woodwork_o__constuct_from_wood

Sa_2310 = cut_off_o__cut_up_o__cut_down_o__hew_ship

Sa_8714 = separate_o__cut_off_o__cut_up_o__cut_down_o__hew_trees_o__construct_ship_o__do_carpentry

smAt_9724 = wild_cow

smA_411 = kill_o__destroy

smA_4522 = remove_illness_o__pain_o__slaughter_o__kill_o__destroy

smA_5494 = slaughter_o__kill_o__destroy

snDm_9568 = to_sit_down

wA_6665 = defend_oneself_o__resist