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Hwi_7530 = flap_wings

seeneter = incense

seqer = smite

sqranx_1818 = captive_o__living_prisoner

sqr_1465 = set_up_stairway_o__ladder

sqr_2852 = step_out_of_feet_in_dance_o__work_metal_o__set_up_stairway

sqr_3020 = stand_up_o__be_erect_o__to_play_ball

sqr_3032 = strike_o__strike_down_o__clap_hands_o__grasp_hand

sqr_4566 = knead_dough_o__get_rid_of_something_o__offer_o__present

sqr_4861 = strike_o__strike_down_o__clap_hands_o__grasp_hand_o__flatten

sqr_9135 = work_metal

sqr_anx_4245 = Prisoner_of_War_o__Captive_o__Living_Prisoner

testes = crush

Xnnw_568 = troublemaker_o__cantankerous_rioter