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teete = Sparrow

THn_1296 = to_move_quickly_o__grapple_with_o__to_twitch_muscles

THn_1851 = to_encounter

THn_7767 = to_touch

Trp_8720 = to_stumble

Ts_2319 = to_exalt

Ts_6843 = to_rise_up

TTf_4812 = to_pour_out_o__to_overflow_o__to_scramble

TtTt_1234 = to_put_up_a_fuss

TtTt_9212 = to_quarrel_o__to_put_up_a_fuss

Tt_1460 = to_untie_o__to_let_loose

wTs_4953 = raise_o__lift_o__wear_o__display_o__extol_o__exalt_o__proclaim