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axem = image

gs_mnw_7125 = aTitle_in_cult_of_Min

Hmt_mnw_8067 = Wife_of_Min

Hry_tA_n_mnw_4456 = a_Priest_of_Min

ihet = cow

imy_r_sXrt_nt_xmwt_2201 = Overseer_of_milkmaids_of_the_xmwt_cows

ipewi = Akhmim

it_mnw_6620 = Father_of_Min_a_Priest

Min = Min

mnw_5189 = Min_god_divinity

nexne = shrine

xesem = Letopolis

xmt_5307 = a_valuable_material_o__substance

xmwt_2776 = sacred_images

xm_4105 = sacred_image