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Aqdqd_6822 = a_god

dAr_2969 = rob_someone_o__steal_goods

dAr_9028 = control_temper_o__subdue_foes_o__supress_evil

dAr_ib_6887 = self_possession_o__self_control

Hnty_4678 = the_two_sides_of_time_o__the_two_ends_of_time_o__continually_o__eternity

HrsDAs_6374 = being_in_good_state

rnpy_4435 = young_o__fresh_of_water_o__become_young

sDb_6595 = damage_o__impediment_o__obstacle_o__al_opposition_o__guilt_o__ill__will

sSm_8594 = lead_o__guide

sS_6582 = writing_things_o__equipment

sS_729 = write_o__inscribe_o__paint_o__draw_o__enrol_troops

tabet = loan

tenew = number

Tn_r_or_Tnw_1116 = rA_or_Tnw_nw_rA_reminder_o__explanation_o__information

xrwsn_7981 = so_say_they