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imy_r_wabt_6137 = Overseer_of_the_Wabet

imy_r_wabw_6169 = Overseer_of_Wab_priests

iw_wab_61 = it_is_pure

pr_wab_5601 = statue_niche_o__shrine

sAt_3991 = pavement_o__floor_o__ground

sAT_5904 = offering_o__libation_stone_o__door_sill_o__threshold

uwab = bathe

wabt_1660 = foodstuff_as_payment

wabwt_372 = priestly_service

wab_5320 = free_woman

wab_6775 = pure_o__purify_oneself_o__bathe_o__cleanse_o__purification_o__purity

wab_808 = be_free_o__be_innocent

wab_8742 = pure_o__purify_oneself_o__bathe_o__cleanse_o__purification_o__purity_o__sacred