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desret = wrath

desrib = furious

desro = flamingo

dSrt_1865 = the_Red_Land_o__desert

dSrt_2409 = red_pot

dSrt_7712 = red_cattle

dSrt_8908 = the_Red_Crown

dSr_448 = red_o__reddening_and

dSr_6557 = unknown_wf_used_in_connection_with_boatbuilding

dSr_7683 = be_red_o__yellowish_red

dSr_8714 = red_o__reddening

dSr_8872 = unknown_qwv_used_in_connection_with_boatbuilding

mrwryt_1455 = black_stork

mrwryt_9674 = black_stork_em_o__white_billed_stork_em

pr_dSr_6647 = Red_House_Treasury_of_Lower_Egypt

sonef = blood