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dmA_1898 = cut_off_heads

dmA_5413 = cut_off_heads

gmA_5622 = temporal_bone_o__temple_of_head

Hr_5456 = to_make_ready

maly = fetus

mAr_6331 = need_o__misery

mAT_8202 = granite

m_mAwt_3118 = anew_o__newly_o__new

qmA_1234 = to_create

smAr_8138 = impoverish_causative

smAr_8628 = impoverish_o__destroy_fiend_o__make_miserable

smAwy_3725 = to_renew

smAw_3221 = wild_bulls

smA_1929 = to_kill_o__to_sacrifice

xAtyw_1242 = disease_demons

zentey = statue