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denhe = pinion

HAptyw_or_HApwty_6703 = Spy_o__Scout

haqewru = captives

sbi_9435 = fiend

Smm_945 = passionate_o__heated

sqr_anx_4245 = Prisoner_of_War_o__Captive_o__Living_Prisoner

sqr_anx_5445 = Prisoner_of_War_o__Captive_o__Living_Prisoner_o__Bound_Captive

wrr_4000 = Chief_o__Prince_o__Elder_o__Magnate_o__Great_One

wtmtm_5535 = to_stagger

xftyw_1486 = foes_o__enemies_o__opponents

xftyw_5535 = foes_o__enemies._opponents

xr_5002 = fallen_one