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aduwii = aggressor

Ad_8959 = the_enemy_o__the_wicked_o__misery

Aw_3243 = evil_o__dread_o__death

Aw_5974 = deceased_o__dead_o__harm_o__evil

bA_4753 = soul_o__BA

besetew = rebellion

iAdt_4485 = misery_o__disater

iAdt_575 = misery_o__woes_o__disater_o__pestilence_o__calamity_o__dire_affliction

irr_1704 = evil_doer

nsy_or_nsyt_2175 = epilepsy

rqw_8020 = opponent_o__foe

tm_wnw_7718 = those_who_exist_not

XAkw_ib_3801 = rebel_o__perverse_of_heart

xauro = rage

xepeyt = death

xfty_3209 = foe_o__enemy_o__opponent