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hnhn_or_hnty_8779 = hnty_dance

Hpgt_or_Hpg_6287 = gymnastic_leap

hyhenu = jubilation

hy_9440 = Hail__o__shout

hy_9709 = hail__o__shout_o__cheer

hy_hnw_2258 = shouts_and_cheers_o__jubilation

ihb_7589 = song_of_praise_o__singing_and_dancing_ritual

krs_27 = to_skip_o__to_caper_o__to_dance_o__to_jump_o__to_frisk_o__to_leap

ksks_5863 = Nubian_Dancer

oxabie = dance

rewy = Dancer

TmHw_5341 = Dancer_of_Libyan_dance