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atum = organizer

Aw_3243 = evil_o__dread_o__death

Aw_6847 = deceased_o__dead

bAgyw_3604 = the_languid_ones_the_dead

exati = corpse

mni_8716 = death_o__the_dead

nb_anx_2565 = sarcophagus_Lord_of_Life

nb_anx_6815 = sarcophagus_Lord__of__Life

nebankh = sarcophagus

qeres = burial

qrst_2442 = burial_o__interment

qrs_4540 = to_bury

qrs_6632 = to_entomb

xepeyt = death

Xry_Xt_7411 = possessor_of_a_burial_em