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ipt_swt_7307 = Temple_of_Karnak_Ofour_nine_should_be_elongated

maat = right

mAatyw_3647 = just_men_o__the_righteous_the_blessed_dead

mAaty_2289 = the_two_truths

mAat_1979 = rightness_o__orderly_management

mAat_2310 = rightness_o__orderly_management_o__truth_o__justice

mAat_3632 = truth_o__righteousness_o__justice_o__order

mAat_6746 = truth_o__righteousness_o__justice_o__rightdoing

mAat_6991 = Barque_of_Sun_Temple_o__Maat_Barque

mAat_7830 = truth_o__justice

mumaat = rightness

st_mAat_3813 = place_of_truth_o__tomb_o__necropolis