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aAwt_1747 = stone_vessels_o__containers

aAwt_8241 = stone_vessels

dfi_3473 = cauldron_with_two_handles

kAt_mrxt_4691 = container_o__pot

mati = proclaim

matiru = proclaims

mATrw_2970 = mourn_o__bewailing_of_the_dead_o__mourning

mAT_8202 = granite

mAT_859 = proclaim_o__think_up_o__devise_o__ance_o__name

mAwt_5576 = sorrow_em

rodne = laudanum

tabew = elephantine

wahtu = cauldron

wHAt_8406 = cauldron_o__basket_as_measure_for_charcaol