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esmetr = trial

esmetr = trial

semter = testimony

sipty_120 = investigation

smtr_4449 = interrogation_o__investigation_o__record_of_the_investigation

smtr_5971 = inquiry_o__investigation

smtr_7637 = investigation_o__inquiry

smtr_7810 = testimony_o__examination

smtr_8443 = to_examine

smtr_9404 = to_investigate_o__to_examine

smtr_9629 = trial_o__testimony_o__examination

smty_8881 = Investigator_o__Judge

smt_3737 = ear_o__eavesdropper

smt_6657 = lead_to_pasture

smt_899 = to_scout_o__to_engage_in_reconnoitering

st_smtr_6937 = Court_of_examination