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emewe = tears

iH_2100 = weep_o__cry_em

ireteyru = mourning

iwH_6344 = cry_o__mourn_o__weep

nifif_9599 = grief_o__woe_o__sorrow_o__misery

remwe = weep

rmi_2823 = weep_o__beweep_o__complain

rmw_5525 = weeping

rmw_6563 = weeper

rmw_7070 = the_weeper_epithet_of_Sun_god

rmw_7856 = weep_o__wail_o__shed_tears

rmw_8063 = weep_o__wail_o__weeping

sgA_8568 = to_become_stupified_o__confused

Spy_7676 = the_blind_one_v_used_in_names

srmi_9048 = cause_to_weep