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Anpu = Anubis

inpwt_925 = a_goddess_in_form_of_a_dog_o__consort_of_Anubis_em

inpw_2098 = royal_child

inpw_7860 = royal_child_of_princess

nwA_wpwt_956 = adze_of_Wepwawet_used_in_Opening_of_the_mouth

sab = jackal

sabru = jackals

satatru = secrets

sdi_7986 = abnormal_em_movement_of_eyebrows_o__twitching

sStA_3212 = secret_o__confidential_matter_o__religious_mystery_o__problem

SstA_8728 = make_secret_o__mysterious_o__make_inaccessible_o__secret_o__confidential_matter_o__religious_mystery_o__problem

wutinpow = priest