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aAt_2630 = female_ass_o_female_donkey

aAt_7003 = female_ass_o__female_donkey

aA_2087 = ass_o__donkey

aA_6614 = ass_o__donkey_o__you_ass

Afa_4051 = greedy_o__gluttony

alase = ass

a_stX_9916 = Arm_of_Seth_o__Chair_of_Seth_o_

hiwe = monster

hiw_665 = ass_monster

hrw_7779 = monster_o__ass

imy_r_aAw_3729 = Overseer_of_the_ass_herds

mnmnt_8195 = herd_of_different_livestock

rnn_1963 = kine_mature_female_animal