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fd_2705 = a_plant_used_in_incense_making

iAt_3710 = back_o__backbone_o__spine

inyt_5969 = kernels_o__date_stones_o__flax_seeds_o__part_of_a_plant

Sadw_351 = place_name_in_connection_with_oasis

Sad_2802 = piece_o__part

Sad_3530 = cut_o__cut_off_o__cut_down_o__to_fell_o__to_tear_o__to_mutilate_clothes_o__to_part_o__to_part_with

Sad_5201 = log_o__wood_o__trimmed_or_cut_piece_of_wood

Sad_5334 = to_slaughter

Sad_627 = cut_o__cut_off_o__cut_down

Sad_6758 = log_o__wood

Sad_7460 = to_fell

Sad_xt_4291 = Wood_Cutter_o__Lumberjack

Sa_2310 = cut_off_o__cut_up_o__cut_down_o__hew_ship

Sa_8714 = separate_o__cut_off_o__cut_up_o__cut_down_o__hew_trees_o__construct_ship_o__do_carpentry