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eqobe = multiply

eqoberu = multiplies

mXtw_3154 = intestines_o__colon

pixrety = traveller

qaboc = intestines

qAbw_2883 = coils_of_snake_o__windings_of_water_o__bends

qb_8201 = to_multiply

seqeb = double

seqebmu = doubly

seqebru = doubles

sqb_1054 = double_supplies

sqb_125 = double_up_supplies

wDb_ixt_8561 = reversion_offering

wDb_or_wADb_2608 = riank_o__shore_o__riparian_land

wDb_xt_7684 = divert_offerings_a_reversion_offering

wDb_xt_7734 = redirect_o__divert_offerings_o__a_reversion_offering