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dbn_2646 = go_round_a_place_o__travel_round_a_region

dbn_7356 = weight_of_about_91_grammes_o__weight_of_balance

dbn_8031 = weight_of_about_Ninety_one_grammes_o__weight_of_balance

dbn_836 = weight_of_about_ninetyOne_grammes_o__weight_of_balance

dbn_8480 = helmet

dbn_n_tp_9613 = armour_helmet

eqobe = multiply

eqoberu = multiplies

qAbw_8906 = windings_of_waterway

qAb_6971 = interior_o__middle_of_land

qb_3191 = to_turn_around

qb_8201 = to_multiply

rexneper = inside

wDb_or_wADb_2608 = riank_o__shore_o__riparian_land