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desret = wrath

heer = awe

herytib = terror

sefsefyty = respected

SfSft_6363 = to_look_upon_o__regard_o__to_consider

SfSft_7110 = respect_o__awe

SfSfyty_6570 = one_greatly_respected_o__the_majestic_o__the_charismatic

SfSfyty_7168 = one_greatly_respected

Sfyt_1021 = majesty_o__respect

Sfyt_1194 = horned_ram

Sfyt_1207 = respect_o__fear

Sfyt_6014 = respect_o__honour

Sfyt_7126 = majesty_o__awe

Sfyt_9212 = awe_o__dread

Sfy_322 = skilled_o__schooled_o__experienced

SsA_or_sSA_205 = to_take_counsel_o__mediate_o__consider_o__think_about