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anb_6978 = close_mouth_o__grip_with_claw

Apd_1750 = duck_o__bird_in_general

apude = duck

mAa_5064 = the_temple_of_head

pAqt_5086 = fine_linen

rmT_mstiw_3661 = Porter_o__loaded_basket_Carrier

rmT_pDt_qwrw_5301 = Armed_Transport_Worker

wesrit = neck

wSa_6917 = Apdw_a_Title

wSm_1562 = prove_em_test

wSm_2029 = prove_em_o__test

wSnw_8682 = poultry_for_table

wSn_1529 = wring_the_neck_make_an_offering_of_food_and_drink

wSn_6140 = wring_the_neck_o__make_an_offering_of_food_and_drink