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apnnt_1264 = slug_em_o__newt_em_o__otter_em

apnnt_18 = slug_em

hmhmty_2961 = evil_snake__shaped_beings

hpiw_3236 = divine_snake_in_Heliopolis

iArw_5265 = a_location_in_the_netherworld

imntt_5340 = a_divine_snake

imyruta = snakes

inr_64 = worm_that_eats_wood

ir_tA_7614 = Creator_of_the_world

nmtyw_ty_4836 = one_related_to_going_about

rrw_750 = a_snake

sxt_iArw_4655 = em_name_of_a_country

topyitru = heads

vipwy = that