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Hts_7948 = bring_to_an_end_o__complete_period_of_time_o__celebrate_festival

nSt_1442 = hairdresser

psi_8300 = cook_o__bake

sXkr_2102 = decorate_o__adorn_o__burnish

sXkr_2152 = decorate_o__adorn

sXkr_3134 = decoration

wt_5269 = bandage_o__bind_o__wrap_up

xekeru = ornaments

Xkrt_2698 = female_Hairdresser_o__Concubine_o__Adornment

Xkrt_nsw_1510 = Kings_Concubine

Xkrw_1344 = panoply_o__insignia

Xkrw_4561 = panoply_o__insignia_o__ornaments_o__jewellery_o__adornments_o__decoration

Xkrw_5038 = regalia_o__ornaments

Xkrw_5462 = panoply_of_accroutements_of_war

Xkryt_7926 = insignia_o__adornment_title_of_menit_necklace

Xqr_8831 = be_adorned