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hr_5695 = to_milk

iwnet = bow

iwntyw_3519 = tribesmen_o__bowmen_o__nomads

iwntyw_5170 = tribesmen_o__bowmen

iwnty_6235 = Tribesman_o__Bowman

rwD_6121 = to_flourish

sSr_5863 = a_liquid_o__whey_em

stit_2660 = a_festival_name

sti_7339 = Smai_an_oil

styw_3996 = Nubians

sty_4398 = ochre_red_o__yellow_em

sty_7786 = ochre_red_o__yellow_em_o__Nubian_mineral

tA_sty_1237 = the_land_of_Nubia

xenthenefer = Nubia