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bensah = briers

imy_r_smw_9197 = Overseer_of_grazing_pastures

semewru = vegetables

simax = event

simaxru = events

smt_8023 = respect_o__esteem

smwt_986 = Weeper_o__Mourner

smw_3732 = pastures_o__plants_o__herbage_o__vegetables_o__herb

smw_4304 = one_who_is_respected_o__one_who_demands_respect

smy_1337 = overgrown_with_herbs

sm_436 = deed_o__event_o__affair_o__pastime

sm_4367 = Sem_Priest

sm_5992 = help_o__succor

sm_6797 = help_o__succour

s_5256 = pastime_o__amusement