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AwAtt_5930 = a_place_name

bnwt_5797 = bird_perch

HAw_103 = vintage

iararot = vine

iSdt_1038 = Ished_tree_o__holy_tree

iSd_2858 = Ished_tree

iSd_614 = fruit_of_the_Ished_tree

kamew = grape

kAmw_6914 = red_bull_with_white_face_and_many_spots

kAm_5690 = grape_harvest_o__vintage

mDA_5208 = apply_fetters_o__fetter

nnwt_1975 = net_o__mesh

pi_nbs_9671 = berry_of_the_Christ_thorn

wbA_3364 = folding_net