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Ams_ib_9245 = to_make_glad_o__be_pleased_o__be_friendly

Aw_ib_2494 = happy_o__be_happy_o__gladden_o__happiness_o__merriment_o__mirth_o__joy_o__pleasure

HqAyt_8021 = a_flower_o__lotus_em

hy_3079 = cheer_o__rejoice

ihy_1295 = joy_o__rejoicing_o__jubilation_o__exultation

nehbet = lotus

nHbt_5307 = bud_of_lotus

nHbwt_9164 = lotus_bud

nxb_9133 = lotus_flower

prx_2131 = to_unfold_o__to_bloom_o__to_open_up_flower_o__bloom

srpt_8292 = lotus_leaf_o__lotus_fan_o__lotus_frond

sSny_3591 = lotus_o__lotus_flowers

sSn_7673 = lotus_shaped_object

sSn_8063 = lily_o__lotus