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artru = heavens

artu = heaven

biA_6104 = eggshell

bwt_1119 = a_group_of_people_found_in_the_desert_regions

bXsw_7951 = cake_o__pastry

Dbw_2283 = piece_of_bovine_meat

Dnbw_1752 = boundary_mark_o__turning_mark

Hry_wDb_9666 = Head_of_food_distribution_o__Dining_master_o__Official_in_Ritual

radrade = bread

wDb_1500 = donation_in_kind_em

wDb_rd_5066 = reversion_of_offerings_in_temple

wDb_xt_5697 = redirect_o__divert_offerings_o__reversion_offering