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ciate = crop

iati = mound

iAtyw_769 = the_Inhabitants_of_the_site_iAt_o__residents_of_IAT

iAty_1846 = Iaty

iAt_1833 = mound_o__ruin_o__region

iAt_2470 = a_crop

iAt_2801 = Egyptian_places_o__holy_places

iAt_2832 = wabt_Osiris_cult_on_Philae

iAt_3352 = mn_Iat__Men

iAt_8522 = mound_o__ruin

idHw_5250 = greenery_o__plants_o__reeds_o__papyrus

idn_or_itn_8041 = sun_o__sun_disc

itnt_3355 = Sun_goddess

Snaw_3170 = cabin_on_a_boat