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bexnet = pylon

emahat = tomb

Hrt_6407 = tomb_o__necropolis_o__Realm_of_the_dead

ibsw_9172 = Catafalque_framework_for_coffin

itrt_2352 = shawabti_box_o__clothes_box

itrt_4004 = conclave_of_Lower_Egypt

itrt_7763 = conclave_of_Lower_Egypt_o__niche_o__row_of_niches_o__of_men_o__of_shrubs

mihat = chapel

nexne = shrine

pr_nsr_2357 = National_shrine_of_Lower_Egypt_at_Pe

pr_nw_5878 = National_shrine_of_Lower_Egypt_at_Dep

raaper = temple