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agA_673 = to_drown_o__to_capsize

caqew = capsize

jaqwunef = capsized

pAxd_2924 = be_turned_over_of_sole_of_foot_o__droop

pAxd_470 = be_turned_over_o__slouched_o__downcast_o__be_turned_upside_down

pAxd_5210 = be_turned_upside_down_o__be_turned_over_of_sole_of_foot

pnana_4190 = turn_over_and_over

pnawt_7983 = tort_o__injustice

pnaw_4676 = unknown_kj__w_ka_part_of_an_epithet

pna_20 = to_turn_over_o__upset_o__reverse_o__pervert_o__incline_o__bend_o__overthrow

pna_3289 = to_turn_over_o__upset_o__reverse_o__pervert_o__incline_o__bend_o__overthrow_o__be_troubled

pna_9356 = turn_upside_down

pna_mXtw_94 = Preparer_of_viscera

spna_7092 = renew_skin