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Ati_7243 = Solar_boat

cawjha = release

cawjhanef = released

pr_Haww_7986 = Building_of_the_Haw_ships

wAD_an_4472 = Barque

wHa_1434 = stop_work_o__desist_work_o__finish_o__be_idle_o__recouperate_o__loosen

wHa_3311 = release_someone_something

wHa_4603 = release_someone_o__something

wHa_5401 = loose_fetters

wHa_7492 = come_back_o__return_o__understand_o__interpret

wHa_ib_4725 = inspired_thoughts

wnDwt_3682 = hold_of_ship

wnDwt_5404 = ships_hold