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amaAt_7698 = throw__stick

amaA_8331 = throw_the_throw__stick

bit_2978 = a_loaf

fnxw_42 = a_Syrian_people

fnxw_a_2381 = Syrian_people

Hsb_5522 = break_o__smash_o__fracture

maiAt_4202 = throw_stick_em_o__club_em

mTn_9139 = allocate_o__assign_em

qemaw = winnower

qmA_4055 = hammer_out_from_metal

qmA_4338 = throw_o__create_o__beget_o__produce_o__carry_out_teaching

qmA_9357 = throw_o__create_o__beget_o__produce_o__carry_out_teaching_o__hammer_out_from_metal

qmHw_4909 = a_loaf_o__syrian_bread

TniA_10 = Nubian_throw_stick