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bXsw_7951 = cake_o__pastry

sexther = spider

sSpt_or_Sspt_5487 = sheen_o__brightness_o__splendor

Sspwt_4244 = cucumbers

Sspw_6319 = images_o__sphinxes

sxty_5102 = Weaver

sxt_1021 = to_mould_with_sticks

sxt_332 = to_ensnare

sxt_5666 = to_trap_o__to_catch_o__to_make_bricks

sxt_5878 = unknown_lkjs__aaqqlkwe

sxt_8100 = to_stretch

Ts_4007 = to_gather

wptt_8084 = trap_o__snare