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mAgsw_or_bAgsw_9360 = em_dagger

tpawy_5329 = predecessors_o__ancestors

tpiw_rA_2174 = fangs_of_snake

tpw_rdwy_5362 = the_ancestors

tpy_1425 = being_upon_o__principal_o__first_o__high_priest

tpy_1474 = being_upon_o__principal_o__first_o__chief_o__high_priest_o__first_born_o__headman

tpy_4251 = the_first_o__first_month

tpy_HAt_9948 = an_oil_of_finest_quality

tpy_n_xpS_7826 = best_cut_of_shin_of_cattle

tpy_rnpt_4144 = lunar_festival

tpy_rnpt_6183 = first_day_of_the_year_o__new_years_day

tp_a_5174 = tx_a_festival_before_the_weighing_plummet_em