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dmAt_pDwt_246 = the_one_who_binds_the_bows_epithet_of_Nekhbet

dmDt_or_dmdt_2208 = vulture_shaped_amulet

iwnty_5063 = desert_Nubian

nw_n_nTr_1405 = a_ritual_object

pDi_4823 = sharpen_a_knife

pdr_2075 = measure_o__sack_o__basket

pDti_4148 = bovine

pDwy_5090 = side_walls

pD_4552 = incense_o__perfume

pD_4683 = to_scent_o__burn_incense_o__fumigate

pD_sS_3389 = Foundation_ceremony_ends_of_the_cord

repdat = conflict

yped = expanse