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adeto = massacre

aDtyw_3249 = the_butchers

aDt_229 = slaughter_massacre_

aDt_9047 = offence_em

aDw_3436 = Buri_fish_o__grey_mullet

aD_1563 = grease_o__fat

aD_6002 = pices_of_fat_placed_on_fire

aD_8609 = edge_o__margin_of_cultivation_o__radius

eloud = perceive

iry_aD_763 = Administrator_of_fat_and_grease_em

manDt_1153 = Day_Barque

manDt_5152 = day_barque_of_sun_god

wusa = fatten

xAyt_7032 = slaughter_o__massacre