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abeet = brand

Abw_5070 = branding_iron

dhn_4469 = to_assign

esose = write

esoseto = writing

esosetoru = writings

esosnef = wrote

sesh = scribe

sS_5514 = to_write

sS_729 = write_o__inscribe_o__paint_o__draw_o__enrol_troops

sS_7804 = write_o__inscribe_o__paint_o__draw_o__enroll_troops

sS_Hsb_3832 = it_Accountant_of_grain

sS_n_HkAw_8050 = magical_writing

sS_qdwt_or_sXA_qdwt_2815 = outline_Scribe

Tms_5395 = redness_o__ruddiness