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anw_4343 = tablet_o__writing_board

dpt_1944 = bread_in_special_shape

ibAt_7538 = female_Dancer

ibav = draughtsman

ibAw_6454 = Barbary_sheep

ibAw_8525 = a_stern_dance_o__religious_dance

ibAw_nTr_5550 = dances_before_the_god

ibA_1463 = gaming_piece_o__tile

imt_r_ibAwt_3037 = female_Overseer_of_dancers

imy_r_Hba_6700 = aprw_Administraor_of_games

mxr_or_mXr_1577 = storehouse_o__barn_o__foundations_for_building

oxabie = dance