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( feast)
abtuwet means feast
abwt = Hb
oblations offerings

D36-D58-X1-Z5-W3-N5-Z3A = V28-D58-W3-N5-Z3
Ancient Egyptian Literature, verses about abtuwet
+ sabru laru esai apedru laru hur abtuwet
( jackals are sated birds are in feast) zas tupradru iny Amunemope (The Instructions of Amunemope)
+ tenha zas abtuwet iny tayek neter
( observe the feast of your god) zas tuprade iny Ani (The Instructions of Ani)
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aAbt_1022 = food_o_provisions

aAbt_2772 = food_o_provisions_o_offerings

aAbt_3209 = selfishness_o__egotism

Aabt_4521 = oppression_o__harm

aAbt_6258 = food_o__provisions_o__offerings_o__festival

Aabt_7280 = oppression_o__damage_o__harm

aabt_9426 = woman_with_combed_hair

Aabt_9919 = oppression_o__harm_o__damage

Aabw_7169 = oppressors_demons_in_the_Netherworld

aAb_3349 = pleasant_of_persons

aAb_4066 = pleasing_o_desirable_of_things

aab_5487 = comb_the_hair

aAb_9831 = pleasing_o__desirable_o__of_things

aab_or_iab_5950 = incense_bowl

aab_Sfdw_3315 = incense_spoon_o__cosmetic_spoon

aAdt_5994 = a_type_of_bread

abab = delighted

ababt_3804 = purification_o__cleaning

ababyt_3208 = region_of_collar_bone

ababyt_8623 = region_of_collarbone

abab_4720 = appear_em_o__shine_o__glisten_of_sun

abab_7854 = become_excited_o__brag

abab_8475 = become_excited_em

AbAb_9661 = be_delighted

abaw_1938 = boaster_o__braggart_o__show_off