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( feast)
abtuwet means feast
abwt = Hb
oblations offerings

D36-D58-X1-Z5-W3-N5-Z3A = V28-D58-W3-N5-Z3
Ancient Egyptian Literature, verses about abtuwet
+ sabru laru esai apedru laru hur abtuwet
( jackals are sated birds are in feast) zas tupradru iny Amunemope (The Instructions of Amunemope)
+ tenha zas abtuwet iny tayek neter
( observe the feast of your god) zas tuprade iny Ani (The Instructions of Ani)
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Abdyt_5564 = service_book_o__menologion

Abd_9054 = Priest_in_his_month_of_service

abed = monthly_festival

abtuwet = feast

abwt_1051 = feast_o__offerings_o__oblations_o__festal_offerings

a_3180 = Singer_of_the_chorus

a_5607 = Singer_of__the_chorus

dbyt_8587 = a_drink_o__a_beverage

DHwtt_1992 = festival_of_Thoth

DHwty_1100 = first_month_of_Akhet

dnit_2893 = Seventh_month_o__a_festival_First_quarter_of_the_moon_phase

dnit_8267 = quarter_of_the_moon_phase]

fifthteen_nt_Hb_4328 = em_festival_of_the_fifthteenth_of_the_month

habeh = festival

Hbt_644 = ritual_book_o__festival_roll_o__festival_rules

Hbt_67 = ritual_book

Hbt_or_HbiAt_1234 = niche_in_house_o__tomb_o__house_altar_o__festival_kiosk

Hbyt_1252 = festival_offerings

Hbyw_3977 = council_of_gods

Hb_1211 = festival_kiosk

Hb_2555 = a_festival_o__wedding_o__holiday

Hb_2970 = tent_o__arbour

Hb_4878 = celebrate_a_triumph_o__to_feast_o__to_celebrate

Hb_7732 = celebrate_a_triumph_o__to_feast

Hb_8233 = a_festival_o__wedding