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( mingle)
abexi means mingle

Ancient Egyptian Literature, verses about abexi
+ fy abexiru emi zas nehemhem xaxati
( it mingles with the thunder storm) zas tupradru iny Amunemope (The Instructions of Amunemope)
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J1 J1

aA_n_Axyt_799 = Head_of_the_Slaughterhouse

aA_n_xt_4800 = Chief_of_Engravers

abA_nTrw_or_ab_nTrw_424 = a_Barque

abexi = mingle

abexiru = mingles

abexo = join_a_god

abt_7946 = a_grain

Abxt_7826 = medicinal_mixture_o__medicinal_liquid

Abx_29 = to_imbue

Abx_3466 = unite_o__mix_o__link_o__join_o__mingle_o__be_merged_o__engage

Abx_3975 = mix_o__mingle

Abx_7717 = unite_o__mix_o__mingle

Abx_9713 = link_arms_o__festive_movement_of_arms

Abx_9732 = unite_o__mix_o__link_o__join_o__mingle_o__unite_o__be_merged_o__engage

adeto = massacre

aesex = reap

aexet = Inundation_season

afety = brewer

afnt_9394 = royal_headcloth

Afr_617 = to_boil_o__to_cook

ahowo = trouble

alexe = brazier

amemet = grasp

Ami_m_ixt_wat_9445 = mix_together_medicines

anxtawy = Memphis