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( months)
abudtyru means months

Ancient Egyptian Literature, verses about abudtyru
+ khefte ntek oiwanef mesi maxtig tayek abudtyru
(1) zas tuprade iny Ani (The Instructions of Ani)
+ twe savpnef hemetru nis doi meswet nis wo wonew maxtig peseju abudtyru
( I assigned women to give birth to their baby after 9 months) zas doser ankh iny Auset (The Aretalogy of Isis(Auset))
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abua = present_ones_hands_in_ritual_gesture
abudtyru = months
abudu = month
abvo = fingernail
Aby = panther
abymeh = cheetah
acek = piece
adaj = tyrant
adajru = tyrants
adeto = massacre
adewa = Buri_fish
admoor = administrator
aduwii = aggressor
aees = groan
aegwet = a_preparation_of_grain
aela = elder_son
aelbet = oppression
aelew = container_for_papyri
aelwe = container
aero = oppress
aesex = reap
aetix = strain
aexet = Inundation_season
aexmeru = twigs
afa = glutton

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